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We find the best under-priced ad platforms that your customers use and craft creative digital advertisements to get them engaged with your brand.

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digital advertising opportunities are abundant!

Targeted didital advertising services tailored to small business owners.

The targeted advertising capabilities of today are literally the gold rush of our generation. The trick is to find the best under-priced ad platforms that your customers use and craft creative ads to get them engaged. The opportunity to get the right information in front of the right people is abundant.

You may not like how these platforms have everyones personal information. However, you can’t argue how effective the data is when trying to put together targeted advertisements to grow your business.

Ads can be created and personalized to almost anything and the more you can refine the audience and the media the more succesful the campaign will be.


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Facebook Advertising

Highly specific targeting used with creative media. Facebook ads drive business.

Instagram Advertising

Similar to Facebook but a difference audience and platform to get in front of your customers.

Twitter Advertising

More active in the USA however depending on your industry, Twitter has some powerful advertising tools.

YouTube Advertising

YouTube is huge. We create videos and use your company videos to reach customers in any location.

LinkedIn Advertising

This savvy business network offers powerful advertising and targeted advertising in a corporate atmosphere.

Google Advertising

Pay to be #1, Cost per click advertising, local advertising, and the re-marketing capabilities of Google are incredible.


Download and review our instant digital marketing proposal. You will learn what a successful digital marketing system looks like, get an idea for the cost of our services, and understand why our digital marketing services are truly better.


Book a free consultation phone call with us to chat about your business goals. We want you to succeed. These introductory phone calls are very informative and we will anwer any questions that you may have moving forward. 

Let’s Talk Education

We are certified through all major social networks to offer digital advertising to clients.

Creating the ads, choosing the target demographic, and understanding how to use these platforms for advertising can be the hard part. At Get X Media that is exactly what we do. We have cerifications from Google and all the major social platforms to help business owners get the most out of their paid advertising campaigns.

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