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60% of all traffic goes to the top 3 websites listed on Google. Holding these top spots can be difficult and costly but the rewards you get being on top of Google are undeniable.

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Advanced Search Engine Optimization Services for SMALL BUSINESS owners. 

Everyone wants to be on top of Google! Fortunately,  we know how to get you there. Achieving top Google positions can be easy and it can be hard depending on how much traffic and competition there is. The search term “Calgary Dentist” is going to be a lot more work than the term “Auburn Bay dog walking services”.

At Get X Media, we take into account your industry and your budget to find keywords you can rank for that will drive qualified traffic to your website and generate constant ongoing business. Results may vary depending on the industry but we are safe to say we can guarantee top Google positions in 3 – 12 months.

The best part is, because of our Get X Track Smart system, you get to monitor the ranking of your website and watch it move closer and closer to the top spots as we work. 

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Optimized Quality Content

Our writers specialize in providing quality content optimized with targeted keywords to better Google rankings.


HTML Structure / On Page SEO

Every website is built with search engines in mind. Providing Google with proper HTML tags improves rankings.


Meta Data & Tags

Writing Google descriptions that include keywords and persuade people to click your website is key to good SEO.


Internal Linking

Helping visitors navigate your website by linking to pages wherever necessary greatly improves rankings.


Image SEO Optimization

All images on our website have targeted meta data and keywords to contribute to a better rank on Google.


Speed & Loading Times

Our platform is built for speed and every website is tested regularly to ensure fast load times.


Social Signals

Sharing your website to social networks build domain authority and help with better Google rankings.


Online Business Listings

Having accurate and congruent data about your business across the web will boost local rankings.



Having niche specific quality websites link back to yours is great for boosting Google search rankings.


Domain Names

The age of a domain, the URL, and the domains authority are all factors taken into account in Google’s Algorithm.


Site Errors and 404s

We run monthly site audits on every website that report any problems that may hurt your Google ranking.


Schema Markup & Rich Snippets

Google loves organized data. These tell about specific data on your page so they can enhance your link in search.


Download and review our instant digital marketing proposal. You will learn what a successful digital marketing system looks like, get an idea for the cost of our services, and understand why our digital marketing services are truly better.


Book a free consultation phone call with us to chat about your business goals. We want you to succeed. These introductory phone calls are very informative and we will anwer any questions that you may have moving forward. 

Let’s Talk Execution

We’ll take care of the technical search engine optimization and report to you.

The technical side of search engine optimization can get fairly complex to those not in the industry. We follow Google guidelines for search engine optimization and provide monthly reports and transparent data to show our clients what we are doing and what effect is has had on their rankings.

When is comes to search engine optimization as a service, we start with the biggest contributors to Google rankings and then work our way down the list so our clients can rise to the top of Google quickly. Once our clients achieve top rankings on Google, they are monitored and work is continued to hold the ranking in case competitors try to over take their spot.

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